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Lao Forest Teas is a social enterprise which assists poor Lao farm families in the northern mountains of Laos to overcome poverty and improve their livelihoods by the production and sale of quality natural teas grown in the forest from seedlings of ancient tea trees. We are a wholesaler of these quality teas purchasing from small tea companies assisting tea farmers or we directly buy tea too from villagers.

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Telephone: +856 205 400 0230
Mobile: +86 130 7678 8507

[email protected]

Watnak Village, Sisattanak District, Vientiane, Laos
Unit 10, P.O Box 220 Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

Story of Lao Tea and Natural Products

Lao Tea and Natural Products is the result and outcome of rural development programs in Phong Saly Province starting from 2000.  Puer tea varietal was one viable upland and highland crop with market demand from China and with good growing conditions and chosen by the villagers. The purpose of the company and related social enterprise is to source four Puer tea varieties from mountain villages to enable the villagers to have sustainable markets with fair trade prices and organic and natural certifications.  Part of the proceeds from tea or natural product sales will fund community village improvements such as schools, student dormitories, village medic supplies and scholarships for ethnic villagers.

The efforts of the company are in coordination with local Lao Government authorities to ensure understanding and shared objectives to assist poor highland villages with sustainable social and economic development in distant areas while protecting the natural environment.

Phong Saly Province, Laos. Mountains and Forests Forever

Phong Saly Province is the northern most province of Laos, bordering on China on the north and west and Vietnam on the east.  The China border is with Yunnan Province, ancestral home of Puer Tea. Puer Tea grows well in Phong Saly since the climate and soils are similar to Yunnan Province.
All Puer tea grown in Phong Saly is organic and natural.  Mountain scene here is at Boonneua District Phong Saly, top is about 1400 meters or 4200 feet above sea level, altitude. Photo taken in February 2011 by Mike Carroll.

Phong Saly "Sea of Clouds and Mist"

Typical of the weather is a shifting sea of clouds and mists especially in the winter from November to March each year.  Cloud cover and mists roll over valleys, streams, rivers, and mountain top villages.  The clouds make for a beautiful panorama and ideal conditions for tea growing.

Sea of Clouds and Mountain Top Islands

Swirling clouds and mists changing every minute and every day.  This view is toward China not so far away

Planned social assistance for Ban Sanam Yang Pa Akha Village, District.

Repairs of a one room villager school for grades 1-3.Planned repairs by the villagers with donated materials and labor donation by the villagers:  tin roofing, replace students desks, repair walls, provide teacher training and education supplies for the teachers and students in cooperation with Boontai District Office, Primary Education Office.”